Re: Build Nvidia driver for Fedora 9, AMD?

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On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 09:38 -0500, Erich Zigler wrote:
> I disagree with you on one key point. Nvidia works on Linux it is not
> distro specific. Using nvidia binary drivers was broken by Fedora not
> the other way around.
> As in ATI vs Nvidia I can't comment. I have not used ATI in 5 years now
> Nvidia does not dictate what distro I use. I do based on my
> requirements. For example this weekend I had to rebuild my wife's
> computer which was running Fedora 6. She uses her computer for Email,
> web browsing and World of Warcraft. Following these simple
> requirements I was not able to load Fedora 9 on her machine. I loaded
> Ubuntu 8.04 and after two days of use I asked my wife if she noticed
> any substantial differences. She said no.
> To a normal user GNOME is GNOME, KDE is KDE, etc. the only real
> differences between the distros now is how packages are distributed.
> But I digress.
> Linux is all about choice and choosing the right tool for the job.

I don't disagree with you.
You required 3D and you are willing to pay the price for it.
Just make sure you understand the "price": sticking to nVidia
'certified' platform (i386/x86_64), hardware (New[er] GPUs), software
(X-server <= 1.4) and kernel (non-Xen, 32bit under FreeBSD).

Try using a non-certified platform/hardware/software/kernel and you're

- Gilboa

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