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Craig White wrote, On 05/09/2008 02:12 PM:
On Fri, 2008-05-09 at 12:30 -0500, Bob Hartung wrote:
Hi all,
I have a running install of Redhat 8 that is about to be upgraded.
2. Does every user with acces to the Samba share have to have an account on the machine proper or can this be accomplished within Samba?
no - samba requires both a samba and a unix account

(tangential question caused by answer)
I (used to) understand that samba _has_ to have a _Unix_account_ on the machine to map the samba user too, but does samba now require an explicit samba account as well as a system user? i.e., if I have a Unix account 'sucker' and if that is my MS user name too, then samba should just map through to the Unix account and password right?
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