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On Fri, 2008-05-02 at 10:19 +1000, Dan wrote:
> Renich Bon Ciric wrote:
> >> Why do you think you need to run xfs_repair ?
> > When the power goes off or my PC freezes (check out the firefox
> freezing
> > thread) I have to do a hard reset. This, sometimes, generates
> > inconsistencies on the fs. 
> Fair enough. I have found xfs to be extremely tolerant of power 
> failures. Indeed, at my previous residence, brief power outages and 
> brown outs would be a monthly occurance.
> Have you tried ext3 on this system? Does ext3 get corrupted from
> power 
> outages and hard resets?
Well, I used to have ext3 installed... I find xfs faster and better in
overall. That's all I have to say.

> > For example, once, I had to do an xfs_repair because
> > certain /usr/share/doc directory was inaccessible and was causing
> all
> > kinds of trouble when yum upgrade -y was run by me.
> A few years ago I had a PCI firewire card in my machine, with an 
> external usb2/firewire drive enclosure. Doing pretty much any kind of 
> I/O would render the drive inaccessable. In the end it turned out
> that 
> my firewire card was dodgy; when using usb2 there were no such
> problems.
> I needed to use xfs_repair here to recover data several times before
> i 
> got a clue. Funnily enough, I even formatted the drive with ext3 
> thinking there was a problem with xfs and firewire, but the
> corruption 
> continued.
> The fireware card behaved the same on a windows machine. Do pretty
> much 
> any I/O and ntfs would be seriously corrupted.
> > xfs_repair did the job well. I would like to be able to run it
> without
> > having to reboot to the rescue cd... Or, maybe, generating a rescue
> > partition would be cool too!
> This probably is not much good to you now, more for when you next 
> install Fedora. However, you may wish to partition your drive(s). Put 
> /home /tmp /usr /var on separate partitions. This way, you can boot
> or 
> switch into runlevel 1 and run xfs_repair against pretty much any fs, 
> but only as long as your root fs is working.
Well, usually, my problems are @ the root partition. I do use a separate
partition for /home and /boot and that's about it... 

Thanks, Dan, for your input, once again.
Renich Bon Ciric

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