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Renich Bon Ciric wrote:
Why do you think you need to run xfs_repair ?
When the power goes off or my PC freezes (check out the firefox freezing
thread) I have to do a hard reset. This, sometimes, generates
inconsistencies on the fs.
Fair enough. I have found xfs to be extremely tolerant of power
failures. Indeed, at my previous residence, brief power outages and
brown outs would be a monthly occurance.
Have you tried ext3 on this system? Does ext3 get corrupted from power
outages and hard resets?
For example, once, I had to do an xfs_repair because
certain /usr/share/doc directory was inaccessible and was causing all
kinds of trouble when yum upgrade -y was run by me.
A few years ago I had a PCI firewire card in my machine, with an
external usb2/firewire drive enclosure. Doing pretty much any kind of
I/O would render the drive inaccessable. In the end it turned out that
my firewire card was dodgy; when using usb2 there were no such problems.
I needed to use xfs_repair here to recover data several times before i
got a clue. Funnily enough, I even formatted the drive with ext3
thinking there was a problem with xfs and firewire, but the corruption
The fireware card behaved the same on a windows machine. Do pretty much
any I/O and ntfs would be seriously corrupted.
xfs_repair did the job well. I would like to be able to run it without
having to reboot to the rescue cd... Or, maybe, generating a rescue
partition would be cool too!
This probably is not much good to you now, more for when you next
install Fedora. However, you may wish to partition your drive(s). Put
/home /tmp /usr /var on separate partitions. This way, you can boot or
switch into runlevel 1 and run xfs_repair against pretty much any fs,
but only as long as your root fs is working.
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