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> It is redistributable or Ubuntu couldn't have it either.  And it could 
> be trivial to add even if it wasn't included.  It isn't.

Sun and Ubuntu agreed that to distribute it, the user would be presented
with terms to agree on. Red Hat decided this was unacceptable. Red Hat
is one of the leading reasons Sun opened Java as they employ many of the
Classpath guys - and it was nearly a feature complete replacement for
Sun's Java.

If Red Hat had caved like Ubuntu did, Sun never would have opened Java,
they were firmly against it for something like 8 years (see IBM's open
letter on the topic.

> You have to choose between being a political platform with an agenda or 
> a usable distribution.

See above for why that won't happen. This is why Red Hat doesn't believe
Linux is ready for the consumer desktop though, and why it is acceptable
to enterprises that don't need their users playing mp3's all day.

> A matter of opinion and speculation so far - or just plain FUD... I'd 
> like to see this shaken out so if it really is illegal to use Linux with 
> software of your choice everyone can just move on.

No, it is neither opinion nor speculation. Nvidia gets away with it
because they do not distribute the driver as part of the kernel. The
kernel developers are looking for ways to ensure this is harder in the
future so that people don't jump through such loopholes. I doubt they
would do that though until there are open source alternatives that are
good enough. It would simply effect too many users.

> And someone is wondering why people like Ubuntu?

No. I was the person that stated that this is EXACTLY why people like
Ubuntu, they're lazy. Such things are available, but Joe User doesn't
care to figure out where to get it.

If you want these modules in the Fedora kernel, ask upstream to include
it, else it's not going into Fedora. Even file bugs to request they be
included upstream within the Fedora bugzilla.

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