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I came across this article and as a Fedora user at home and work, I think this is important to know.
A few weeks ago, there was a discussion about Ubuntu on this list and I
feel that this is part of that discussion.
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The Biggest Blunder: Or why Red Hat and Novell just left the door wide open to Ubuntu

In recent announcements both Red Hat and Novell made it pretty clear that their foray onto the desktop would be delayed quite a bit longer. What they do not know is that they just left the door wide open for Ubuntu to conquer the desktop and the server space.
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Basically, both Novell and RedHat are backing away from pushing Linux to the desktop. But Ubuntu is not backing away.
As a Fedora user, I see this as an issue. At home I need games and the
applications that my family use. To date I have not had issues with
Fedora up to 7. When I updated my machines at home, there were
applications that I couldn't get for F8 so I installed F7. I have not
checked to see if these are available for F8 at present. But they were
available for the latest release of Ubuntu.
I am interested in others views on this.

Robin Laing

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