Re: Samba won't dance

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On Mon April 14 2008, David Timms wrote:
> > On Monday April 14 2008 5:33:02 pm Tom Horsley wrote:
> >> Ever since then I've just copied in the old smb.conf file, and
> >> I continue to have no problems. I just hope it works the same
> >> on fedora 9 when I upgrade...
> >
> > I have been considering copying the smb.conf file from the
> > PCLinuxOS livecd that's up and working over to the Fedora box
> > just to see if that does it,
> don't consider. do. rename your old smb.conf first.
> samba's testparm while tell you {us} what samba is seeing about the conf
> file, so just do it. includes warnings about deprecated parameters etc.
> > but, that may not since I'll bet
> > Fedora is running a newer version of Samba
> you could post those versions for interest....

OK, I did it. The version on the PCLinux box is 3.0.23b-PCLOS2007 and the one 
on Fedora is 3.0.28a-0.fc8. The result is interesting. Now, smbk4 on Fedora 
is listing both the machine's IP addresses upstairs, and their shares, but, 
it's still unable to mount those shares...some progress, tho. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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