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On Fri, 11 Apr 2008 10:53:46 -0400, William Case wrote:

> Just a thought.  I would like to setup my workspace switcher so that
> when I switch work spaces it will show different wallpaper on my
> desktop.  Also, if possible, I would like to attach my launcher icons on
> my desktop (not on the panels) to a specific workspace so that when I
> switch work spaces a new set of launchers appropriate to that work space
> are shown.

	Might there be a hardware solution?

	If you, having grandkids, resemble the rest of us in your age 
cohort, you most probably have generations of old machines kicking 
around. If some of them are still good enough, perhaps with some 
lightweight distro, to handle single particular regular tasks (and 
nothing else), you could put them all behind a four- or an eight-port KVM 

	Some of the more recent ones even call themselves KVMP switches, 
with reason. The MiniView G-CSIO4U in front of me, for instance, is not 
only all USB, but has two extra ports to handle any peripheral you plug 
into them : printer, external DVD drive, etc.; and in fact I have a four-
port hub plugged into one of those.

	My machine-before-last, for instance, does almost nothing active 
any more except run a browser with a couple dozen ports open to weather 
sites, which I update a couple times a day; but it takes that load off 
the others. And it is indeed obvious, without any need to peer at the 
lights on the switch, when that machine is the one on the monitor.

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