Re: USB devices dissapear: HAL shuts down on it's own

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Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
Hello Mikkel
	I am not running a USB hub of any kind.  In fact, I have never
ran one before.  The printer plugs into a socket that is on a PCI/USB
expansion card. The other two devices are connected to two USB ports
that connect directly to the motherboard.
You are running a hub, a couple of hubs, but they are built into the mother board, and the PCI/USB expansion card. From the lsusb output, it looks like the scanner and
	I just had a thought and I changed a few things around.  I
plugged the scanner and the burner into the PCI expansion card, and
plugged the printer into a port right by where I plug my USB keyboard
into.  The thought was that the (probably) two problem devices have
always been in the ports that connect directly to the motherboard.  It
sure can't hurt to move them to different ports...
	This also might be of interest: I run a Abit KD7 motherboard
and an Antec TrueBlue power supply (either 480 or 520 watts.  Can't
remember off the top of my head.)

I don't know about this board - it may have jumpers to select where the motherboard USB sockets get their power. I have seen it where you can jumper the socket to run off of an always-on supply, so the USB device can wake the system from suspend, or so you can have a power button on the keyboard that works to power the system up. This is usually a limited source. (+5VSB on my ASUS board.) The normal USB power is turned off when the system is suspended or powered off.
The only thing that my relatively unlearned eyes see is this: the first
run of lsusb -v has this right at the beginning:
can't get debug descriptor: Connection timed out

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 04b8:011b Seiko Epson Corp. Perfection 2400 Photo

The second run has the same warning, only it does not occur at the
beginning.  BUT, it does occur during the part about the same device
where it occured during the first run.  Could my scanner, which usually
just sits there plugged in but unused, may be the item drawing too much
power?  Just a Real Wild, Unlearned Guess...

Barring any great revelations from you or other members of this list,
if I have this issue again with our devices plugged into their new
locations, I will just unplug the scanner and see if it ever happens
again.  BUT, if the scanner is flaky, I would like to know so I can get
rid of it and get a new one :)

Thank you very much for your help thus far,
Steven P. Ulrick

From a quick look at the output, the scanner should not be drawing too much, but it does look like it could be a problem. I will take a longer look at the output later.

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