Re: machine is freezing all the time, cannot do anything

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Alastair Neil wrote:
On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 9:33 PM, max <[email protected]> wrote:
Antonio Olivares wrote:

Dear all,

As I send this message, I run the risk of it not
getting to where it should.  The machine is constantly
freezing.  I cannot do anything with it anymore :(

What should I do to troubleshoot it?

Here's smoltProfile:

To share your profile:

Suggestions/Advice/Comments/Welcome :)

I tried to install the update, but the machine crashed
and did not accept them :(

Do You Yahoo!?
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 What kind of computer do you have? What kind of cpu? Which kernel are you
running? Your not giving anything to go on.......

Actually he gave his smolt profile that has a considerable amount of
information.  I would first eliminate bad memory as the culprit.  IIRC
you can boot off of the install media and run memtest.

he sure did give the smolt profile , I didn't bother to paste it into a browser, my fault ....sometimes i need to drop it down a gear.


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