Re: kdenlive on fedora? (best video editor missing from fedora)

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On Tue, 2008-04-08 at 06:56 -0400, Claude Jones wrote:
> On Tue April 8 2008, Valent Turkovic wrote:
> > I have Mint Linux (Ubuntu) also installed so I tried there and I got
> > Kdenlive to compile but it crashes on every command I tried. It
> > imports files but it crashes if I try to do anything with them :(
> > I don't understand how Dan Sawyer could claim that it is rock solid :(
> > But still it could be my error in compiling some part and it still
> > would be great to see kdenlive as a package in rpmfusion
> > repositories...
> > I'll drop them a note.
> Glad to see you trying. I couldn't stand that podcast you posted and never got 
> through all the stuff at the beginning to listen to the video discussion, so 
> I don't know what Dan said there, but, here's a very recent article by him 
> where he makes clear what he likes about Kdenlive and what it's limitations 
> are:
> Apparently, he did manage to edit a long-form HDV dance project with it when 
> he was stuck with no other tools to do the job and it got the job done. He 
> doesn't speak to what he actually did in the edit, but given what else he 
> says about the limitations of Kdenlive currently, it was probably a fairly 
> basic project. 

Valent, just so you know ...Claude REALLY does professional video
editing for a living. I've seen his work and can attest that he knows
his stuff. Claude is a valuable resource on this list when it comes to
audio/video editing. Whatever he uses, I would use. Then, if something
went south, I'd know it was on my end, not the software. Like you, I can
only hope and pray that A/V advances in a major fashion with Linux. 

:) FYI, Ric

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