Re: EDAC error

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Ric Moore wrote:
On Sat, 2008-03-22 at 10:03 -0500, Roger Heflin wrote:
Ric Moore wrote:
On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 21:58 -0500, Roger Heflin wrote:
Brent Snow, Mr. wrote:
Hi All,

            I am having a problem with a new Dell PowerEdge 1900 Server
running Fedora 8.

            The System setup is as follows:

            2 - Xeon  E5310 (Quad-Core 1.6 GHz) processors

16 GB of RAM, I SATA 80 GB HDD.
Holy Smokes! 2 quad cores? That's 8 cores total(?) and 16 GIGS of Ram??
My Gawd, not only am I jealous as all hell, I'm wondering what kinda
kernel are you running?? Any sort of stock kernel would roll over and
join the Choir Eternal.
Actually fairly normal kernels work just fine on the large boxes, I have ran stock FC6 kernels up to 8 cpus/16 cores and up to 64GB of ram with no issues.
Wouldn't you be running some sort of mini clustering setup?? Setup
right, it should really blow serious coal. Your problem might lie in
that direction. You might have training wheels on a Dodge Hemi. With a
machine like that, I could almost do without eating! <huge drooling grins> Ric
Clustering setups are only needed when you have more than 1 machine, having lots of cpus on a single machine is much easier than clustering as you don't need have to worry about the networking, and the memory can be shared easily between the cpus.
Huh, I wonder then why he's having problems. In the -OLD- days he'd be
rolling a new kernel. Is the stock kernel multi-cpu aware or does he
need a more specialized kernel, or is it the kernel at all?? That's
where I would be looking, fer sure. God, I want one like he's got.
<scratching strong itch> I always stay a couple of years behind. :) Ric

I was under the impression that the motherboard I bought for dual core would support quad with a BIOS upgrade. It will, but the BIOS upgrade seems not to have been released, perhaps to improve sales of new boards. :=(
n any case, I have set aside enough funds to cover the new Intel quad
core SMT chip due out 1Q09, and 4GB memory, and a reasonable
motherboard. At that time I will be back to state of the art, and in the
meantime I will nicely make do with what I have.
Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
  "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot

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