Re: Fedora Makes a Terrible Server?

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On Mon, 2008-03-24 at 13:37 -0700, Tim Alberts wrote:

> Fedora creates regular scheduled releases of a conglomeration of 
> selected projects on a regular schedule.
> After the Fedora release has been run through the test/release cycle by 
> the Fedora users (us) it becomes the next version of RedHat (roughly).
> Then CentOS takes the source packages of RedHat, puts their name on it 
> and re-distributes it (legally..).
> So all the assembly work is done by Fedora, all the testing is done by 
> the Fedora users and all  the rewards are taken by people who (only) use 
> CentOS while at least people who use RedHat pay for support.
Of course, some of us use Fedora as a main user machine to benefit from
all the whizzy new features and support for the latest gadgets, but then
use CentOS on the server that supports the user machines. The server
doesn't need to be too fancy, it should be running on stable, mature
hardware and bleeding-edge versions of things like Apache, dhcpd, NFS,
Samba or LDAP aren't required.


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