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* Daniel B. Thurman wrote, On 03/21/2008 06:08 PM:
Hi all,
I am wondering if members here would advise on a great
video capture card one can use for survellance and other
uses (such as capturing a telescope data for astronomy) that
supports many cameras in real-time (all/most channels active)
and also supports remote/local viewing with protocols for
supporting full tilt/motion/zoom.  As for the camera itself,
I'd like to have at least one that not only supports full tilt/motion/zoom
but can also might support 0 lux, color, but perhaps also support
IR/uV as cheaply as possible?  Yeah, I know it might be
too expensive for my budget but hey, I'd like to know what
my options are! ;)
I just happened to find something like: Lorex 16 Port PCI Card Digital Video Recorder - 120 FPS Model No: QLR1660
I suppose this is it:

It is also not clear how to 'breakout' the 16-channel inputs
to support other interfaces supporting other camera devices
such as camcorders, webcams, VCR, MXC, S-? and so on.
It's explained in the manual at the URI above.
Only PAL/NTSC video is accepted (analog signal).

and this card is priced near $300.00 at bargain rates, or
so it seems...
Even at $499, it seems like a good deal to me.

Also, this card may be obsolete (at least it is no longer in
the Lorex website) and there is very little information as
to programming the card for local use (such as motion
detection, for example) - but this is just one that I found
at the moment.
Perhaps there are better cards out there? Does anyone have any advice as to the card/camera that
would be great for use under Linux/Fedora?
A frame grabber supported under Linux is most probably based on Bt8xx chip.

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