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Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Ok, that seems to permit me to save files from the iPods using
> gtkpod.  Playing back the files I saved seems simplest using Amarok.
> Unfortunately the iPod I have to experiment with this morning
> belongs to a teen aged grandson and contains nothing but whining
> adolescents singing, a horror to work with!


> The files on the iPod are grouped such as "Top Rated," etc. and I
> have only been able to copy those groups into newly created
> directories.  I would prefer to be able to copy the entire contents
> of the iPod in on fell swoop.  I'm still looking at that.

Ahh, if you want to copy the playlists as well as the music, then I
think Patrick's suggestion may be simplest.  You should even be able
to connect both ipods at once, and then drag the playlists from one
ipod to the other.

I'd guess that some of those playlists are what are known as "Smart
Playlists."  You won't get what you want if you simply copy the files
currently in them.  A smart playlist is really a query.  The playlist
is updated dynamically.  Top rated might be "all tracks that are rated
4 or better."  When you rate new tracks or change the ratings of
existing tracks, the playlist contents are updated automatically.

Using the drag and drop method should preserve the smart playlists

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