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Antonio M wrote:
2008/3/19, Neil Cherry <[email protected]>:
I have a server that's running FC6 and I'd like to run the latest
 and greatest. I have quite a complex system as it's my home's
 central server (home automation, DNS, printing, etc.). I'm under
 the assumption that I'll need to upgrade it to Fedora 7 (I have
 the iso) and then Fedora 8 (I have the iso). Are there any
 warnings, other than backing up everything?

 In case you're wondering I'm preparing the system for IPV6 as I
 need to learn IPV6 for work and having it is the best way to
 learn it.
I am not sure that the original DVD of F8 will allow upgrade of an
existing system (Please check if there is a bug), I remember that
system froze during upgrading and I installed F8 from scratch.

Please check....
Thanks, that's why I posted here first. :-) I'll check that
out as it would be a real pain to have to reinstall. I have
a lot of custom things such as my MTA setup. I'm also using
djb's dns software and I'd hate to have to rebuild everything
at this moment though I may move to dnsmasq in the future.

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