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Konstantin Svist wrote:
Mike Dwiggins wrote:
Konstantin Svist wrote:
Mike Dwiggins wrote:
Konstantin Svist wrote:
Mike Dwiggins wrote:
Dumb beginner question here. What is the best software to use to set up an SSH X-Windows session?
I am doing well with putty but have hit a point where I need to
bring up my browser in a remote session..
Mike D.

Depends on what you're trying to achieve.
With ssh, you can run this to execute the application remotely but have it displayed locally:
$ ssh -Y <remote_host> <application>

If you want it to be displayed remotely as well, you'll want to look into VNC
Also, maybe you want to run the application locally but use remote
user profile. Then you can map remote path to a local directory
with sshfs and point the local application to the data (it will
appear to any application as if it were local).


I have been thinking VNC. My problem is I travel a lot and have to manage a couple of applications that use x-windows control panels for my wife's business and am looking for the most efficient way.
I can do it quite well if I am home but am looking for the best
solution for remote. Sigh I guess I am going to have to dig into VNC.
Mike D.

Again, if you don't need the applications to be displayed on the
actual machine where they run, ssh -Y is a very robust solution. I've
ran many applications - e.g. text editors, control panels, even
gparted (disk partitioning software) and all worked without a hitch
and were very fast. The best part is that ssh is already there :)
Remote desktop VNC (a la windows VNC) is very slow because it needs
to send a video stream back and forth. "Traditional" VNC is
annoying/hard to set up; most of the time it's just not worth the

Tried that route, I think? What I get at startx is the message "Server is already active for display 0".
VNC is a world I don't want to get into but, will if I must.

umm.. you shouldn't start X windows with ssh -Y
The idea is that X is already running on the remote machine - and you're starting a single application remotely - but it will appear in your local X.
Don't switch PTYs, stay in your logged in X session, then open a
terminal on your computer, then "ssh -Y <remote machine> <application>"
and it will work.


you should think about nx/freenx, would be a very good option.
See also or

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