Re: help with transition ipw3945 --> iwl3945

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On 09/03/2008, Paul Johnson <[email protected]> wrote:
> sent me off on a 6 hour waste of time.  I was getting pretty mad until
>  you posted this, now at least I don't feel alone.

Oh, you're very much not alone. Unfortunately it seems that people's
success/failures with iwl3945 vary tremendously depending on their
exact version of their chipset, the number of in-range access points,
the AP type they're trying to associate with, the way the wind is
blowing, etc etc.

>  Can I ask you this.
>  1. When you do get the iwl3945 to work, is it using NetworkManager?

Yes I do.

>  2. in your dmesg output, do you see this udev message:
>  kernel: udev: renamed network interface wlan0 to eth1

Nope, have neve noticed that with F8 - I recall seeing this at one
point with F7, but it was fixed in a udev update, as i recall.

>  In the Ubuntu user group, everybody is going on about how this is
>  causing the iwl3945 to fail for people who switch from the ipw3945
>  driver. I've tried deleting /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules,
>  and rebooting, but it does not help.
>  3. In your /etc/modprobe.conf, do you have an alias defined for the wireless?

No, i don't... there is an alias for the wired ethernet adapter, but
not the wirelss.

>  It appears to me the reasonable thing is to fall back on the ipw3945
>  driver again, but I can't get ti to compile with 2.6.24.  So maybe I
>  should revert to the older kernel, but it is pretty depressing to
>  wrestle with this.  Hell, the Intel ipw3945 device must be used fairly
>  widely, and there are about a million Dell users floating about with
>  them.
>  Is there nobody who works on the kernel in Fedora stuck with ipw3945?
>  I can't understand how they keep trotting out iwl3945 and acting as
>  though it will work.

Well, Linville has one, but he's having a hard time to reproduce the
issues. If you want to read the gory details :

>  Well, there's my angry rant.

Breath deeply. :).


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