Re: Make newly created directories 0775 by default

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On 06Feb2008 14:25, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
| > Correct. I just wanted to point out that it was not a one size fits all
| > solution. (Well, it is, but it's intrusive and overkill for fine grained
| > issues - smbd reads the smb.conf when a PC connects, so you only need a
| > full restart when you want all PCs to get new smb.conf settings).
| A few more questions if you don't mind.  When you do a restart, it does
| not disconnect a user does it?  And what if they auto-mount the smb
| directories when they log in (like on a Windows box).  They would not ever
| need to reconnect until they log off right?  Or does each attempt to
| read/write a file force a reconnect?

It does disconnect all the users, but Windows silent reconnects next
time the user makes use of that mapped drive.
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