Service start order question

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If a wireless network connection needs to use wpa_supplicant, then
wpa_supplicant obviously must be started before network.  Since
wpa_supplicant depends on messagebus, that service then needs to be
started before wpa_supplicant.  This isn't the order in which they
start, which if I remember correctly is:

I've renamed the links to:
and everything works just fine.  However, often times when packages are
updated ("yum update") the link names revert to the defaults, and I'm
forced to go back and fix the names again.

Is there a reason for this order?  Do others rearrange the service start
order?  Does anyone else use wpa_supplicant with the default service
start order without problems (I can't see how)?

I'm only asking to understand what's there and why.  I can get it to

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