Re: Another SCSI Question

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> After the reboot was complete I now see the following messages:
> BusLogic: FlashPoint Host Adapter detected at PCI Bus 1 Device 5
> BusLogic: I/O Address 0xCC00 PCI Address 0xFDEFF000, irq 16, but FlashPoint
> BusLogic: support was omitted in this kernel configuration.

That means someone built the Fedora kernel with the wrong option. There
are two kinds of BusLogics. The first do all the thinking in firmware the
second offload the higher level parts to Linux.

That message means you've got the latter kind but someone built the
kernel to support only the other type not both. 

File a bug against the kernel asking them to fix the setting of

        bool "Omit FlashPoint support"

and set it to N not Y

Guess nobody uses buslogic any more ;)


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