Re: Updates SOLVED?

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On Tue, 2008-01-15 at 16:10 -0600, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Craig White wrote:

> Your problem Craig, is that you know that you don't know everything
> about yum. Karl has not learned that yet. So he thinks he knows more
> then you. After all, he managed to mess up his yum setup beyond your
> ability to fix it. :-) Little things like his not knowing how he
> messed it up, and his inability to follow advice don't enter into it.
my problem is that like many others, I wanted to help him. His problem
is that he has no ability to filter the noise, recognize who is capable
of helping him and recognize that he is not sufficiently skilled to fix
things but many of us are.

C'est la vie

This was classic though...cross contamination from various repos while
using yum, suggestions to use apt-get instead, trying to install using
rpm --force and then finally the suggestion to build from source.

Admittedly, Karl is incapable of helping himself but he has gotten some
rather poor advice too. This in no way excuses Karl for being the way he
is, but also doesn't help build confidence in others that Fedora is easy
to manage. The shame is that what yum breaks, yum can fix.

I'm just glad that Karl knows more about yum than I do.


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