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On Dec 31, 2007 9:02 PM, Donald Reader <[email protected]> wrote:
>  Man I am ready to give up on this project. I have looked for an updated
> package that will work on my system with
>  no results what so ever. Even tried the packages for the fc8 and fc9
> releases LOL even though I should not have.
>  the only one that comes close to working is kdebluetooth.i386
> 0:1.0-0.16.20060908svn.fc6. The only issue with it is
>  I still can not get the darn pin input box to popup like it should. It does
> read the headset. Also need to get the headset and
>  hands free services activated some how as that might be the issue. Again I
> don't my head from a hole in the ground on
>  this one.
>  SomeOne PLEASE help
>  Don
> --


A. FC6 has been EOL'ed and is no longer supported. You should consider
upgrading your FC6 machine to F7 or F8.
B. You're using an old (and unsupported) version of kdebluetooth. You
cannot install newer versions of kdebluetooth (taken from F7/8) on FC6
as they require newer versions of the bluetooth tool-chain that are
only included in F7 (or above).

... In short, if you want to use kdebluetooth, you'll have to upgrade
to a -supported- version of Fedora.

- Gilboa

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