Re: Stoopid but pressing backup question

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craignied wrote:
: Thank you all for the well considered posts helping me navigate the
: problem of backing up a Fedora box.  rsnapshot and rdiff-backup are
: appealing choices.  For my particular problem, backing up the Fedora
: disk to another disk connected to the same machine, it seemed that
: backuppc and others like it come with a little too much overhead--I'm
: not backing up 30 laptops to this box over a network--just trying to
: backup one system to an external disk.
: So I configured rsnapshot, and started a run.  Question: I'm backing
: up to a ntfs-3g drive.  Is that going to be an issue with rsnapshot,
: which seems to intensively use hard links?  If so, suggestions?

I don't have an ntfs device handy to test.  But I suppose that if this works:

mkdir  /ntfs/A /ntfs/B
cp     /usr/share/dict/words /ntfs/A/
ln     /ntps/A/words /ntfs/B

where "/ntfs" is the path to a directory on your ntfs-3g drive, then
you're in business.

Make sure that the link is a real hard link by editing "/ntfs/A/words" and
making some change, then deleting (with, say, `rm -rf /ntfs/A') and seeing if
"/ntfs/B/words" persists and your change is carried through.


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