Re: OT: scripting help - can you check a string for starts with?

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> Can anyone recommend a good book on bash scripting? There's probably
> quite a few, so I'd prefer to start with recommendations. Good chance
> it's been asked before so I'll try the archives too. A good website
> could be helpful to. Came across a few, but none that I thought were
> great.
> Thanks,
> James

As for a good book, I have the one from O'Reilly Books -

I highly recommend it.

And for websites, I use and have seen it
recommended by others as well.  You could do it all with just the
website.  But I find the book very practical so worth the money in my
opinion.  Between those two you are good to go.

Throw in Linux in a nutshell also from O'Reilly if you need a good
reference book on Linux in general and you are well on your way.  I
also have that one on my shelf and referred to it frequently for a
while.  Again you can find all that info online for free.  But I like
having the book to read in the evenings, when travelling, and as a
desktop reference.

Jacques B.

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