Re: pam-keyring-gnome [was Re: Seahorse vs Evolution ?]

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On 18/12/2007, William Case <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have gnome-keyring-i386 and gnome-keyring-x64.  I have an x64 machine.
> When I go to yum erase gnome-keyring-i386, sum shows me a long list of
> i386 dependencies that will also be removed.  That list includes
> evolution-i386.  I will still have evolution-x64 installed.
> If I remove the gnome-keyring-i386 will I be doing myself major damage?

Removing evolution.i386 won't do you major damage. However, without
knowing what the other i386 packages are, it's difficult to say.

Of course, if you remove something you need, you can always restore it
again. yum keeps a log of all packages it adds and removes
(/var/log/yum.log and friends), so putting things back isn't too

[The large number of i386 packages installed on x86_64 machines is a
bit of a complicated bug, but it is being worked on.]

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