Re: Sound problems after upgrading

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On Tuesday 18 December 2007 22:44, Niels Weber wrote:
> Hi,
> I have troubles with sound after upgrading from F7 to F8 (using the
> DVD, running 64 Bit). On a second machine, where I did a new install,
> sound runs fine, so did sound on my main machine while running F7.
> I tried to match the pusleaudio packages of the upgraded machine to
> the freshly installed one but that resulted in almost no sound working
> anymore. So I removed all packages containing pulseaudio in their
> name. That resulted in a situation where sound works in some
> applications and not in others.
> Applications where sound works:
> Rhythmbox
> MPlayer
> Xine
> Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
> Unreal Tournament 2004
> nexuiz-glx
> Sound doesn't work in:
> Battle for Wesnoth
> Neverwinter Nights
> nexuiz-sdl
> That looks to me as if sound doesn't work when the systems SDL library is
> used.
> Does anybody have a solution for this?
> Thanks,
>    Niels

I think you need to add a line to ~/.bashrc, to remove the hack that SDL 
programs needed to use pulseaudio. See below.


Not my fix. Someone else posted it.


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