Re: An open letter to Miles Brennan

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David Boles wrote:
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Timothy Murphy wrote:
Dear Miles,

Your Linux Home Server HOWTO seems to me to be an excellent document
dealing with an increasingly important topic,
as more and more of us turn into system administrators
running home Linux systems with several desktops and laptops around the

Am I right in thinking that the Fedora-5 version of your document
at <> is the most recent?
If so, I would ask you - if you have the time -
to bring it up to Fedora-8 date.
You would be doing many of us a great service.

While you were taking the time to write this RFE to this person and send
it to this list did it occur to you that maybe, just maybe, this person
does not follow this list?  ;-)
Sending an email to the author might be a good idea. :-)

Dang nice document (uhm ebook?) I haven't read through it fully
but someone put a lot of work into that documentation!

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