Re: Why cant I make my laptop ethernet cards recognise 10Mbs?

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Tim wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 13:07 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
>> First your talking about ethernet cards. They usually mate with a
>> standard cable which in the USA we call it a category 5 cable
>> available everywhere. It is white and has plastic large telephone
>> connector on it, or you buy an expensive crimper and put the
>> connectors on as you like. 
> Your arguments are as nonsensical as:  All cats have four legs,
> therefore that small four-legged beast over there must be a cat
> (actually, it's a dog).
> Category 5 cabling is a specification for the wire, itself (frequency
> handling, number of conductors, etc.).  There is nothing that says it
> must be white, there's nothing that says it's ethernet cable.  It's used
> for telephone wire, non-ethernet data connections in light dimmers, and
> a plethora of other things.
> What you said is as silly as saying RG-58/U is "ethernet" cable.  It's
> not, it's cable.  It *can* be used for ethernet, it can also be used for
> other things.
> Only the other day I used 100 metres of *blue* Cat5 to run around the
> edge of a theatre for intercom wiring while we filmed a concert.  It
> also comes in red and beige.
I uses some pretty green CAT 5 to connect up security cameras in a
sub shop. No networking there either. I believe one pair carries
power, one carries audio, and another pair carries video. One cable
per camera. They even use the same plugs/jacks, so you can use
pre-built cables instead of building your own. (Or barrow the cable
for a temporary network connection...)


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