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to Les: I'm not following this discussion intently, though I agree with the sentiment of not adding to the subject line, but one thing you said caught my eye, the bit about "Doesn't that mean you have to jump around in the folders whenever a new message comes in or you want to reply to something? I don't have time for that." The answer is yes, but, it's not really so hard.
That comment also caught my eye.

I certainly have no wish to tell anyone their way of working is wrong, each to their own, variety is the spice of life etc. etc., but frankly the idea that having all email messages in a single folder is a 'time-saver' (which the comment implies) is just bonkers to me.
I also use thunderbird as my (currently) preferred email reader. I am
lucky enough to have a decent faculty imap mail server on which I can
configure fairly complex procmail filtering. I am signed up to a *lot*
of mailing lists, many as prolific as this one, and have the system set
up so each mailing list has its own folder, in a semi-organised structure.
Then in my mail reader (where ever that might be running) I simple point
it at the imap server, and tell it to check for new email in each folder
(in thunderbird just right click on each folder and choose properties).
Then, whenever I check for new email (via the Get mail button) I can 'at
a glance' scan all my folders and see which list has new email, and how
many. I simply cannot imagine any system being more efficient than this,
and the idea that having all email in a single folder, and then scanning
that folder for new mail by hand, is somehow more efficient is simply
nonsense (IMHO).
This is why personally I dislike lists than mangle the message subject,
as I really have no use for this (doesn't spot me signing up of course).
cheers Chris

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