Re: Why cant I make my laptop ethernet cards recognise 10Mbs?

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phil prentice wrote:
> Hi
>   I have got two laptops. If I connect one of them up to a 10mbs ethernet 
> connection; it recognises the connection immediately and I can happily 
> transfer files immediately.  However my second laptop just will not work at 
> 10Mbs.  100Mbs is not aproblem, but 10Mbps is simply not recognised.  
> Initially I thought it might be the on-board network card, so I bought a 
> netgear FA511 adaptor in the hope that that would work ok.  It has exactly 
> the same problem.  Both the laptops are running Fedora-6 ( I would update the 
> failing one if I thought that it would make a difference).  The failing 
> laptop simply does not see the 10Mbs signal.
>   The laptop that works has a Broadcom coporation BCM4401-B0 adaptor.  I tryed 
> the failing laptop with the onboard SIS900 PCI fast ethernet adaptor and the 
> netgear 10/1000 mbps fast ethernet adaptor (FA511).  Both refuse to detect 
> 10Mbps.  I tryed setting the speed directly, but it did not seem to help 
> (mii-tool).  Has anyone got any ideas as to why this laptop does not detect 
> 10Mbps (100Mbps is fine) or what I might try to fix the problem.  I cant 
> really believe that both these adaptors would fail especially the netgear 
> one.
> Thanks for any help
> Phil
You may want try ethtool instead of mii-tool and see if that works.


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