Re: [Fedora] Maximum LVM size Q?

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Gene Heskett wrote:
Is this beyond whatever size limitations the lvm2 filesystem can handle?
   Not to my knowledge:

[9] 14:54:54 <[email protected]:~> sudo lvdisplay
 --- Logical volume ---
 LV Name                /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00
 VG Name                VolGroup00
 LV UUID                y23Nho-vmLs-Kjqq-vkvo-Q7Lt-JMEq-NzEfHT
 LV Write Access        read/write
 LV Status              available
 # open                 1
 LV Size                1.09 TB
 Current LE             35768
 Segments               8
 Allocation             inherit
 Read ahead sectors     0
 Block device           253:0

And as an aside, can F8 boot from a sata drive tied to an offboard interface now?
   That, I don't know...  Sorry.

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