Re: Maximum LVM size Q?

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Gene Heskett wrote:

I've stumbled through the man page, and I've read the /etc/lvm/lvm.conf file looking for clues and have come up pretty much as dumb as when I started.
I just bought a SATA controller & a 400GB deathstar, with the intention of
putting F8 on it, using about 250 megs for an ext3 boot partition, 20GB each
in ext3 for /home, /opt & /root, and the rest in the lvm2 filesystem. That
will mean something over 300GB.
Is this beyond whatever size limitations the lvm2 filesystem can handle?
ext3 tops at 8 terabytes or 16, depending on which version (and maybe depending on block size). lvm goes bigger, but I don't recall how much bigger. Big enough for ext4 I suspect.
ext3 addresses blocks, and its limit is what it can address with 32 bits.



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