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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
> With the changes made in F8 to system-config-users, it does not open
> the help file from within the program. It looks like they changed
> things so that it does not check the file association, but instead
> tries to find one of two hard-coded programs. But it does not work.
> The other question is who's file association would it use? Because
> the program is being run as root, would it use root's file associations?

Hmmm... That is a good question. It would either have to be a system
default or a user preference. And HTML, I would think, should default to
the default browser of the logged in user. Or the systems default
browser. A GNOME user would not not have KDE installed/active so setting
Konquer(sp?) as default HTML display would not make sense. Firefox is
the 'default' installed browser for Fedora GNOME so that, in of itself,
makes good sense.

Does not yelp do all, or most, of the 'help' calls? I have never really
tried, or cared, because most 'help files' are a waste of time.
Developers and such write really good code but they, sorry developer
people, tend to stink at docs, helps, and howtos',  ;-)

As for the 'help files' for this really simple GUI? One that 'Joe
Average user' will/should probably *never* use or even see? And probably
would *not* read the help if it was there. And that Joe 'I know what the
heck I am doing' Administrator should know without a simple helpme file?

The GUI that I looked at had, for example, an 'Add user' button. And an
Edit user' button. And a 'Delete user' button. You need instructions for
this? Think about this. If you need simple 'help me!!' instructions for
this *you should not be here doing this!*.

 I am not with, nor do I speak for, Fedora. But there was a lot of
discussion about cutting down the *sizes* of the various CDs and DVDs
because of what sounded like, to me, space problems from volunteer mirrors.

<rant mode on>

IMO - and I do understand what is happening here - the *dumbing down* of
Linux so that it will attract *dumb Windows users* (not my words, or
thoughts, just the general thinking of some elitist Linux users) has
created a whole generation of Windows users turned Linus users that are
*dumb*. Not *dumb* but just don't have any idea what the heck is going
on or why.

If you follow this list you will see it every day. "I don't know what
this is, or why it is like this, but I changed it and now my <fill in
the blank here> which used to work does not work." And when someone, who
knows what is/might be wrong, can help me fix it, and tries to help me I
will argue with them?
<rant mode off>

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