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Rick Stevens wrote:
On Sat, 2007-12-08 at 09:25 +1000, david walcroft wrote:
Todd Zullinger wrote:
david walcroft wrote:
I'm trying to restart the daemon and get this

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo /sbin/service haldaemon restart
Stopping HAL daemon:                                       [FAILED]
Starting HAL daemon:                                       [FAILED]
Look in /var/log/messages for some some clues.

Is it because I might not have haldaemon in my system.

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo rpm -qa | grep haldaemon
No.  The package name isn't haldaemon, it's just hal.  If you didn't
have it installed, you wouldn't have the init script that the service
command runs. :)

You could check with rpm -V that the hal packages aren't messed up (if
there's nothing obvious in the logs):

rpm -V hal hal-libs

No I do not have rpm -V hal hal-libs and no messages in the in the log.
Can you "rpm -qa | grep hal" and see if you have any HAL stuff at all?
You should have at least hal and hal-libs.  If not, then "yum install
hal hal-libs"

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Yes I have hal as shown

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo rpm -qa | grep hal
[[email protected] ~]$
Does hald reside in one of these packages.


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