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On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 11:03:02AM -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Dario Lesca wrote:
>> I'm looking for a line command utility (MTA) which send an email direct
>> to a SMTP external server.
>> if I use: "echo bye|mutt -s bye [email protected]"
>> the message is send to local sendmail, then sendmail send it to mx
>> record, but refuse me for security and anti-spam reason.
>> I'm looking for a command which send my message direct to my provider,
>> like evolution or Thunderbird do.

Well, Dario, use mutt.

mailboxes pops://[email protected]/
set smtp_url ="smtp://[email protected]"

# if you've multiple email providers, you need to outsource
# e.g. when switching to a provider's inbox.
# don't forget to reset it to your defaults when you leave
# that inbox.
account-hook [email protected]      'set pop_pass="SOMETHINGLONGISHNOTINADICT";'
folder-hook  [email protected]      'source ~/.mutt/profile.PROVIDER'
# and place the above set smtp* lines in .mutt/profile.PROVIDER.
# the mailboxes statements can remain global for use with -y,
# and the pop_pass line can be removed, as the hook statements
# provides this on entering the [email protected]
# box and folder (account-hook is called quite often, also
# automatically).

Peter l Jakobi
[email protected]

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