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Dario Lesca wrote:
I'm looking for a line command utility (MTA) which send an email direct
to a SMTP external server.

if I use: "echo bye|mutt -s bye [email protected]"

the message is send to local sendmail, then sendmail send it to mx
record, but refuse me for security and anti-spam reason.

I'm looking for a command which send my message direct to my provider,
like evolution or Thunderbird do.
You don't need to stop using sendmail for that, just configure it to do
what you want. Edit /etc/mail/ where it says:
dnl # Uncomment and edit the following line if your outgoing mail needs to
dnl # be sent out through an external mail server:
dnl #
dnl define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp.your.provider')dnl

Remove the leading dnl on that last line and replace smtp.your.provider with the mail relay info from your provider. You may or may not want to put []'s around the name (inside the `'s). Without them, an mx lookup will be done, with them the A record will be used or you can use a literal IP address.
Then do a 'service sendmail restart' to make it pick up the change.
Using sendmail will let your system queue and retry if an immediate connection can't be established. If you use a direct smtp utility the send will just fail if the first try doesn't work.
  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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