Re: nvidia blues

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Chris Jones wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
I had nvidia running fine on this computer using the kmod-nvidia files that come from fedora. Then I was told about better nvidia software from their web site. I got it and tried to install it on this computer. It did not install and it ruined the older nvidia.
Not a good idea to do that.

Note that the livna driver is *exactly* the same as the one you got from the nvidia site, just repackaged as an rpm. There is nothing "better" about it.
Just my opinion, but I would always recommend the rpm based driver
over the standard nvidia installer any day. In my opinion it simply
interacts better with fedora systems (understandable, since the nvidia
installer has to work with any generic linux system,, whereas the
fedora rpm can be fine tuned to fedora).
Jusrt a warning, but if carry on with the official nvidia installer,
you are going to have to rerun the installer by hand for each new
kernel you install. The livna Personally I would try and go back to
the livna rpm since then you can ue the yum kmod plugin that means you
will automatically get the the kmod for each new kernel installed for
you, each time. Plus, in my opinion the rpm installation acts more
sanly when things go wrong, falling back to the nv driver.

I can not disagree with you on most, but the quality of the color from the run package IS superior. I have lots of pictures and display stuff with VLC and the colors are better.
 The job to do when a new kernel shows up is very simple and takes a
minute. That is faster than my Internet. I am going to write myself a
note on all the things I learned this morning. The guy who wants to quit
using rpm's on Fedora should read what they can do!
 So I am happy with the run file and will send another email with
exact instructions on getting the right one (it took me 2 tries).


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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