Re: FC7 or FC8 USB wifi devices?

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Bruce Keats <brucekeats <at>> writes:

> Are there any USB wifi devices that are supported by Fedora 7 and/or Fedora
8?  >Looking for something that will support 802.11 b/g, but it would be nice if
it >supported 802.11 a/b/g.

I have been using an Edimax EW-7318UG usb wireless adapter. This needs the
ralink drivers. It works nicely and is stable with the legacy rt73 driver
(compile from tarball from the serialmonkey website). It works fine with WEP
encryption using a standard wireless (ifup) setup.

However this will not work with wpa_supplicant. You can do WPA encryption direct
with the driver apparently but I never tried that.

rt2x00 is still under heavy development and is in the current kernels for F7 and
F8 - and has the rt73usb driver module available - currently this does not work
for me with either  F7 or F8 kernels as it is very unstable, but I believe that
others have had some success with the rt2x00 suite from the in-kernel driver.

In time this will work without the need to compile any extra drivers.


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