Re: kde 3.5.8 for fc6?

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On Fri, 19 Oct 2007 09:35:45 +0800 John Summerfield
<[email protected]> wrote:
> > Why I do ask such a thing is the problem I have met with the
> > support of my existing release (6). I have even a server set up and
> > tuned up and to change to another release, now 8, it is a hard deal
> > - as a lot of now working stuff should be remade - just to satisfy
> > a new release  
> There have been few problems attributable to that heritage.
> It's true that there have been fresh installs from time to time, but 
> always my ~ has been copied on without dramas.

Well. I do not speak about home dir. survival. I speak about whole the
system. I've brought You an example of a server - when a lot of
important for an organization software had been tuned up and it served
well, passing just 1 year or even may less, the organization has to
destroy all their results and start the process a new. - And this just
for the new release declaration. So I ask, why is it so? While having
not those release proclamation/organization/etc say, we have Fedora -
without any number after its name - and can update the software
happily. - Why not? Why people here speak about the price - just to be
on bleeding edge? And how it connects to the release numbering /
software restriction?

Today I've just tried to upgrade from FC6 up to F7. My first question
was: having a DVD and an USB-connected dvd-rom and being unable to boot
from it but from my HDD with the running FC6 in single mode, is there
an update suite running which I can update just what I have installed
at present, resolving dependencies, removing old unnecessary now
packages, etc?

Second: my fonts collection that one day, an year ago was set up for X
(KDE, OO, Gimp, etc) now does not work. How I can solve the problem for
all the human system users at once.

Thus, as we see, just for a desktop upgrading between releases is not
easy, so what to say about a server?!

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