Re: kde 3.5.8 for fc6?

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On Fri, 19 Oct 2007 09:17:57 +0930 Tim <[email protected]>
> There are some extra repos for CentOS, and you can compile other
> things. Do you really want all that's on offer, though?  It may just
> seem better because there's a large number of packages available

Well. That's what I got a habit - to use the compiled rpm packages. If
I compile myself:
1. Sometimes it is not compiled for me
2. Even if I am lucky with a time I will have a mess of files that I do
not whereto they belong - so really like rpm-based or like management.
3. Impossible to delete the package - sometimes some packages'
files need to be located in another place than the other package files
in this case the files go unnoticed when the whole packaged is removed.

Do You have another opinion?

So, I would like Fedora were it not for so a short support period and a
possibility to easily update whole the system whenever I would...

By the way, I've heard here some people use Fedora for servers! - How
do they solve the problem on short period support?

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