Re: SELinux Attack!

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2007/10/12, Andy Green <[email protected]>:
Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> Assuming its anything remotely to do with SELinux in the first place
>> (which it doesn't sound at all like)
> Autorelabel has everything to do with SELinux. I'm still on FC6, but

Yes it does.  The question is why any of the reported symptoms have
anything to do with selinux.  Nothing that was reported has anything at
all to do with selinux.
Not sure my experience have anything to do with the original problem, but any time I boot my FC6 box and the router is down, the boot process wait a very loooooong time in the CUPS startup. Never investigate the problem, but I suspect some DNS query related problem. When I turn up the router, CUPS start and the INIT process terminate.
Alessandro Brezzi

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