Re: F7-x86-64 Stopped Booting - GRUB Issue - Fixed!

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At 6:29 AM -0400 10/10/07, Jacques B. wrote:
>> The solution was as I had originally guessed: I needed to make a new
>> copy of the boot sector, and place it [in a file] on my Windows XP boot
>> partition for NTLDR via boot.ini to load and use. Once I did that,
>> Fedora booted just fine. I immediately did another yum update, and saw
>> yet another new kernel come down the pipe, so I made a new copy of the
>> boot sector right away, just in case.
>> Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and tips. And for the record,
>> Karl, yes, my grub.conf was pretty much configured exactly as you
>> stated, which is apparently the correct configuration. But it was indeed
>> that I needed to update the boot sector file that NTLDR used.
>> Raymond
>Excellent!  Sounds like you will have to do this every time the kernel
>updates. ...

False.  He will need to do this every time GRUB is updated.  After GRUB
files have moved around in /boot, anything that writes to /boot, such as a
Kernel update, can trigger the issue by overwriting the free blocks that
had previously been GRUB Stage 2.  See `info grub` for how the GRUB
bootsector finds GRUB Stage 2.
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