Re: (FC6+Gnome) Printing disabled in Evince and OOo

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yonas Abraham wrote:
There were a know bug with the
same symptom, if the printer is set as raw printer in FC6. If so
change to the correct PPD file or make the printer a postscript
what type of printer is it, make model connection type, how you
created the queue?
I'm not shure of what you mean by 'raw printer'. Is it specific to
postscript setups?
The printer is a HP LaserJet 6L, printing through CUPS, normally with
the Gutenprint driver, but I also have setups defined with hpijs and
(for testing) ljet4 drivers. (The last two from the foomatic package.)
Test pages print as they should.
They were set up through the Fedora menu/System/Administration/Printers
program (I'm not shure of the correct english name for the utility, but
it has a Red Hat owned copyright, written by Florian Festi, Tim Waugh)
The strange thing is that this setup has worked for months and just
recently stopped working. I am not aware of any changes to drivers or
sybsystem, and I have sole access to admin utils.
That is, while writing this I checked for any .rpmnew files lying
around, and found two printing related.
(/usr/share/config/kdeprintrc.rpmnew and
/usr/share/config/ui/kprintpreviewui.rc.rpmnew) I think these have to do
with KDE, and as I use Gnome they shouldn't be the cause of the problem.
I'll check it out anyway just in case.
I noticed another oddity. On the print dialog's second page where the
page setup is specified, you can specify pages per sheet, duplex, paper
type, paper source and output tray. These are all greyed out and marked
as 'not accessible' or 'not available' (I use a different localisation.)
Thanks for the tip, Yonas. There seems to be a bit more road ahead
before arriving at a solution, but every step helps in getting there.

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