Re: OT (most likely) strange modem disconnection when using USB drives

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Ric Moore wrote:
> Another consideration might be your meter box. Rarely attended to, they
> need cleaning about every 8 years or so. That aluminum wiring from the
> pole to your meter is probably crusty as heck with oxidation and then
> weird stuff around the house starts happening ...usually you'll start
> replacing light bulbs like a madman. In some locals the util co. will
> clean it for you if you ask. They don't want your house to burn down
> either. If it hasn't been cleaned in 10 years, it'll be real gnarly with
> large knobs of oxidation on the connecting posts. Make SURE you insist
> that the lineman puts paste on the wires. Some are just too lazy to do a
> proper job. You cannot afford that. Be assertive. :)  
One other problem with aluminum wire is that it expands/contracts
much more then coper wire with temperature changes. This will loosen
connections over time. 8 years is really too long to go between
checks if you are using aluminum wire. (The do make some nice
crimp-on lugs for aluminum wire.) A nasty aspect of the lugs loosing
up is that this then generates more heat, and starts melting back
the insulation. It also tends to burn up the lugs.


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