Re: Recommendation for Fedora server?

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Craig White wrote:

>> I'm surprised how little discussion of what I would have thought
>> was a common need - a low-power server - there seems to be.
> ----
> I think that you are more or less unique in describing low power
> consumption as a priority for a server.

I wonder if that is true?
Maybe the word "server" is used in two different senses.
I'm thinking of a "home server" - one that links to the internet,
and serves a few laptops on a small wifi or ethernet lan.
This is on all the time, so power usage will mount up.

I think the word server was used historically
for a computer serving a large number of terminals or nowadays laptops,
perhaps in a small business or university department.
In this case, as you say, power usage will come way down
in the order of priorities, after reliability and related issues.

> Server grade components tend to be constructed for more rugged
> continuous usage. While you can obviously succeed in obtaining low power
> hardware, you will lose much in terms of redundancy, over engineering
> for wider tolerances, higher internal temperatures, etc.

As I said, we are thinking of different scenarios.
I've been quite struck by the fact that my ancient PIII home server
seems quite adequate for the task -
running httpd, ssh, dovecot, collecting email, etc.

It seems to me that a mini-ITX with one SATA laptop disk
should be able to do the work without difficulty.
I'm not sure if a fanless VIA EPIA system, or something similar,
could contain a disk, though?

Regarding RAID, I wonder if that is worth it for such a system,
if one does nightly backups?
I see that disks now are often guaranteed for 5 years,
which must mean the half-life is something more than this.
I would rank other possible disasters - fire, flood, etc,
far higher than this - always as I said in a home setting.
And it wouldn't be that difficult to change the disk if it failed.

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