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Craig White wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-09-27 at 14:58 -0500, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Craig White wrote:
>>> I have some Dell 320's and never was able to make grub boot these
>>> things. Based upon other information I found on bugzilla, I ended up
>>> simply installing lilo and they boot fine - no problem.
>>> whenever I update (i.e. yum update), and a new kernel is installed, it
>>> fails to execute the grub update (mumbles something on screen) but never
>>> executes a lilo update which of course is an issue. It does however
>>> change /etc/lilo.conf to reflect the newly installed kernel.
>>> Is there some configuration change I can make so that when yum/rpm
>>> installs a new kernel that lilo is actually executed so that the boot
>>> blocks are changed.
>> You may want to take a look at the grubby man page. It is the
>> program that does the update. From a brief look, it looks like you
>> may be able to modify the grub.conf file to have grubby update lilo.
>> But it isn't clear if this just affects the config file, or if
>> grubby will really run lilo.
> ----
> evidently the light bulb just isn't going off at all. grubby simply
> seems to be the program that would be used by postinstall scripts and as
> a command line, it's dense and inpenetrable except for single argument
> install of specific kernel. 
> [[email protected] ~]# grubby --lilo --set-default=/boot
> --info=/etc/lilo.conf
> grubby: kernel not found
> [[email protected] ~]# grubby --lilo --info=/etc/lilo.conf
> grubby: kernel not found
> [[email protected] ~]# grubby --bootloader-probe
> --config-file /etc/lilo.conf
> grubby: cannot specify config file with --bootloader-probe
> [[email protected] ~]# grubby --bootloader-probe
> grubby: unable to open /boot/boot.b: No such file or directory
> [[email protected] ~]# grubby --bootloader-probe --lilo
> grubby: unable to open /boot/boot.b: No such file or directory
> [[email protected] ~]# grubby --lilo --config-file /etc/lilo.conf
> grubby: no action specified
I took a good look at the install script in the kernel RPM. You may
want to take a look at /sbin/new-kernel-pkg and how it calls grubby.
The section that is supposed to deside if lilo is run is:

# if we have a lilo config on an x86 box, see if the default boot loader
# is lilo to determine if it should be run
if [ -n "$cfgLilo" -a -n "$isx86" ]; then
    runLilo=$($grubby --bootloader-probe | grep lilo)


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