Re: How to get the most out of HD space.

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Michael P Angell wrote:
 Pretty much a partitioning question. 2 or 6 partitions? Usage and or
benefit of higher lower number of partitions? Didn't Red Hat install
multiply partitions in earlier versions
Disclaimer: I'm fairly new to Linux/Fedora, so take my advice with a
grain of salt
/boot is nice to have on a separate partition for various reasons. It
doesn't grow out of bounds, either, so it's an easy choice.
Everything else lives perfectly well on / most of the time
I've heard somewhere that it's nice to have /home on a separate partition for smoother upgrades (read: reinstalls), but that seems like a lot of work, since both /home and /usr like to grow in size.. It's definitely easier to make a mistake than in case of /boot.

Of course none of this would be an issue if there weren't any legal problems with a certain filesystem that will go unmentioned so as to not start another flame war :)


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