Re: NVIDIA drivers -- thoroughly confused ??

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>>      1. Should I just leave the "nv" driver well enough alone ?

>    I do not know the nv your talking about.

The "nv" driver comes with Xorg and installed with Fedora if you
installed X at all: it's an Open Source driver for nVidia that was
apparently written by some nVidia folks.

If it supports your nVidia chip, it works solidly for everything it
covers, which is pretty much everything except 3D acceleration and
multiple monitor support.  (It includes the important xv video
acceleration support for example).

You don't have to meddle with kernel modules or rebuilding the nVidia
binary driver on kernel changes if you use nv.  To try it just change
the Driver line in the "Device" section to "nv".


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