Re: help or recomendation for PCI-express graphics card

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Simon Tierney wrote:
> I am still having problems with the system hanging at first time boot up
> stage after installing fedora 7 -it installs ok without error messages
> using an old matrox millennium G something pci card, but asks me to
> click an area to bottom right of the screen that is not visible at post
> installation first boot stage.
> I can't seem to resize the screen and it hangs when I move the mouse to
> the edge of the screen.
> Is there a way to get it to boot in text mode in case the default screen
> settings are too high definition for the card?
To boot in the text mode is fairly easy. If you get the hit any key
message with the countdown, press a key to get the boot menu. (Skip
if you always get the boot menu.)

At the boot menu, press e (edit). Scroll down to the line that lists
the kernel, and press e again. Scroll to the end of the line, and
add a space and 3. Then press b (boot) and the system should boot in
the text mode.


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